Artist Management & Bookings.


We provide artists with a variety of services that are essential for their line of work. Firstly we provide logistics management, where we handle the communication between agencies and the artists. Additionally, we provide day-to-day management, where we assist the artists with social media, engagement, demos, distributing music, building connections and working on deals such as sponsorships, releases on labels and much more.


With years of experience in the Music industry, we provide bookings both worldwide and for specific territories. At the same time, we ensure the artists networks are managed while the artists can grow alongside other acts in the industry. In terms of collaboration, ranging from the biggest promoters of festivals to those of intimate clubs, chances are we have already worked with them.

Brand Representation.

As borders are a thing of the past, local events have been continuously evolving to a global scale. According to this trend, we facilitate on having your showcases, one-off shows or even entire festivals globally. With a reach exceeding the European market with a strong brand we can manage a global event in multiple countries or continents. As for this, we provide the connection between reliable promoters. So when your event moves abroad, we can manage the essential matters that come along.

Background Story.

Get to know AM Mgmt

Due to the combination of our passion for music, a drive to deliver personal and high quality work and a network that has grown exponentially in the past years, we have established our vision on the current market. We have gained extensive experience with the bookings, music, management and mobility management in working with acts such as Franky Rizardo, ANOTR, ARTBAT, HOSH, Toman, Technasia, Dennis Cruz, just to name a few.

As we have been working with predominantly electronic acts and LIVE acts for the past years, we look forward to working with new genres, new territories, and expanding the business alongside the acts, who can recognize our personal approach of the business.

Arthur Meijer, founder